“Monika, I would like to thank you for the time spent together on the mentoring hours, that was a revelation! From the very beginning you introduced such an atmosphere that I forgot quickly all the negative emotions and my stress was gone. The workshop built my awareness on many things and I understood a lot!”

Paulina Jarosz-Kluk

“As part of working in a global organization structure, it is critical to get a local ‘pulse’ of what is going on. Monika’s experience in coaching techniques were essential in developing the Operations team in Krakow.  We benefited considerably from her international experience and knowledge.”

Trevor Hunt Dyrektor Zarządzający, UBS Global Asset Management Operations EMEA

I have discovered a new me. I have become more aware of the impact of the communication and attitude in the professional relationships. I understood that the words and the body language have a huge influence.

Simona Dascaleanu Heineken

I liked the coaching sessions that allowed me concentrate on my gaps and showed me a way how to deal with them, I gained more self-confidence in managing a team consisting of different personalities, I developed my self-awareness.

Małgorzata Turska Euroscript

When one of the aims for me at the beginning was to create good team communication, the MBTI coaching sessions gave me useful tools for better understanding important differences between people. Working with Monika’s support is a great pleasure and brings a lot of benefits to the business.

Georgiy Turbanov Wabco Vostok, Site Leader

I work in a global organization and I’m responsible for a large region (…). Monika has helped me to identify my core strengths and areas for development. It brought big benefits in my professional life and within my personal life. I’m more effective and efficient contributor to my organization but also a happier person! Good luck with your coaching!

Katarzyna Lech Shell

It made me more self -aware. Also, I found one to one session very good! I gained knowledge to better interpret MBTI, increased my skills as a coach, acknowledged some of my weaker points it made me think how to work on them.  Also description of different types of personalities and their characteristics helped me identify what type my co-workers are and how I can use that knowledge for better co-operation.

Marta Siembab Heineken

Monika has delivered individual coaching sessions for seven of our employees as well as team coaching sessions (…). She has proven to be an excellent coach and we can recommend her highly to executive coaching assignments as well coaching teams.

Antony Roberts-York CEO, UBS Kraków

(…) Monika is an excellent professional, mature, knowledgeable of Russia and any international environment – reliable and endurance getting the job done and bringing creative solutions for complex subjects. I would recommend Monika as a great business partner.

Michel Stanciu Dyrektor Globalny, Sektor motoryzacyjny

I recommend to everybody the mentoring sessions with Monika! She has the necessary qualities needed for a coach and a mentor. First, she is very experienced and you can feel it – she knows things from life not only from books. She is a sincere, warm, open-minded person who shares her knowledge with others and this is so inspiring! It was super!

Marta Chowaniec

I would unconditionally recommend Monika (…) as she works to an extremely high level and shows and outstanding level of commitment and efficiency. Her demonstrated excellence in all aspects of HR particularly in employee and managerial development was always very apparent.

Jack Hackett Dyrektor Globalny Sprzedaży i Inżynieringu, BWI Group

I’d like to thank you for your time dedicated to me during mentoring hours. That was an extremely interesting experience, a completely different form of a cooperation and giving much more opportunities to get to know my potential. I warmly thank you for your support, your belief in my potential and motivating me to continue!

Monika Skowron

Monika demonstrated a strong experience in all HR matters as well as very good interpersonal skills and a business partnership enhanced by entrepreneurial spirit, which permitted me to rely on her in any subject.

Robert de Vaucorbeil HR Manufacturing Leader, Wabco

…now I can divide my life into two stages: before the Coaching Academy and after. I came there by accident and the World which surrounded me has changed into a completely different World. People who I’ve met there are like Angels who opened my eyes for things that have always been close to me but I couldn’t see that…

Paweł Siudak

I must admit the studies exceeded my expectations – I got a chance to develop, to look deeply into myself and I started to perceive differently the reality around me as well as people and their motives. Participating in the studies was a great decision indeed. I want to thank once again and I wish there were more projects like the Coaching Academy.

Łucja Łoś

If some time ago someone told me that university studies would change my way of perceiving the world and would let me find my way in life, I would for sure smile on that and say that this would be just a step in education and additional item in my CV. Today I know I would be mistaken. The studies taught me how to find myself in life.

Magda Wiśniewska-Szopa

Joining the Coaching Academy at UEK was one of the best decisions in my life. I met there a lot of interesting people, I learnt a lot about myself and how to develop others, and thanks to the professional coaches from ICF I gained a knowledge which is familiar not to many people of this profession. My private and professional life has been enriched with new views on the world and people.

Artur Stalmaski

The Coaching Academy is on the one hand the trainers – great coaches and inspiring teachers, who share their experience and show different coaching ways and methods. On the other hand, great colleagues-other students, who come from different places, who have different personalities, have different jobs – and who gathered to get to know coaching. Unbelievable atmosphere, power and energy!!!

Agnieszka Wójcik

Coaching Academy at UEK gave the opportunity to complete a long process of my personal development. It helped me to fulfill my dreams – I started my own coaching business. Passion and professionalism of the trainers gave me the possibility to enrich my coaching competencies and learn new coaching tools. I strongly recommend!

Sylwia Wciślik


I am glad to have you on my blog! For information about me, please see the  “About me”tab. And here I would like to give you a glimpse of the areas in which I could assist you.

First of all, if you feel the urge to implement some changes in your private or professional life, I would highly recommend you to sign up for an individual coaching session – please look at the “Coaching” section for more details.

If you are looking for training for your organization, under the “Workshops” tab you can find a list of areas in which I specialize as a trainer. If your company requires HR support, advice around organizational development or process improvement, all possible types of my support have been described under the “Consulting” tab.

Additionally, you can meet with me face to face on various events, which are being promoted each time in the “Events”tab.On my website you will also find a number of free and paid online courses on personal development and wellbeing. Please go to the “Shop”to make a purchase.

I hope that you will enjoy the articles and videos I have prepared for you together with my team. Those resources can be found on my blog & videoblog under the“Blog” tab.

Read, listen, watch and get inspired! I will be extremely pleased if the resources, which you can find here, help you develop your creativity, wisdom and inner strength to create a satisfying and fulfilled life!


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How to deal it with professional paralysis?

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Już rozumiesz, co to jest UWAŻNA OBECNOŚĆ? To nie żadna tajemnicza, magiczna siła, to nie charyzma, ani nie manipulacja.

With happy welcome a new day every morning

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Personal development

“Personal development” is a relatively new term. It has been incredibly popular within the past few years, though. This form of support varies depending on who provides it. To me, personal development means realising our own potential, discovering and strengthening what’s best in us and thus becoming a better version of ourselves. This is what I want to help you with. When we become a better version of ourselves, it automatically improves our sense of fulfillment and self-realisation. Personal development (including our development in the workplace) is also a great way of unleashing the creative aspirations that are hidden deep within us, as well as a valuable help on a pursuit of happiness. Working on ourselves, day by day we feel we live more and more in harmony with our true selves.  

What I can do for you

My blog explores the subjects of coaching and personal development. You will find many inspiring and motivating posts here. I also organise trainings and workshops related to personal development, helping you become a better version of yourself. I offer business coaching, managerial coaching and career coaching workshops as well. I am particularly oriented towards working with women. I believe that organising those trainings will help me change the world for better, even a bit, and make more women have influence on the “top” decisions, which concern all of us - men and women. For a better and happier living.  

Let’s work on your personal development together

If you feel your life needs changes but you are not motivated or strong enough to take a new path, I’m there for you. I am convinced that together we can introduce necessary changes and make your life filled with self-realisation and happiness. My job is to help you discover the potential that’s deep inside, help you fight the fear, and encourage you to take action. Personal development is a great tool which will allow you to turn your goals into reality. I’m there to help you find what’s best in you and start living in harmony with your full potential.