I have an impression there’s no better tool of personal development than having your own business! I know something about it because after many years of being employed I made a big jump and established my own company. In order to be successful in a corporation you have to be competent, engaged, motivated. But if you lack one of the things it doesn’t mean you will automatically lose your job. You may still be able to survive.
I quickly realized that in your own business it is not so easy :-).

All our so called ‘areas of improvement’ – related to professional or personal competences like the skill to communicate with people, to cooperate with them, your believe in yourself (!) – become quickly apparent … and very quickly you learn they decide about ‘to be or not to be’ of your business.

And here you are what I learnt just at the beginning of my entrepreneurship adventure – I decided to share it with you as basic things for female business.

Basic thing no 1 – Optimism

Of course and optimistic approach to life brings benefits in all its aspects :-). Your positive thinking about yourself creates a positive reality around you. And the opposite – if you don’t believe in your success why should your clients do? They will not. When you own a company you quickly learn this and begin to implement that kind of approach in your life.

Good. Because your optimism is justified. Never so far have been so many simple and cheap ways to run a business. We have internet and social media where you can for free or very cheap promote your products and services and get clients. New technology makes it possible to be easily in touch with the whole world while still being at home. For example I run a big portion of my business through skype or telephone with clients from all over the world. To design my presentations I sometimes use contractors from Philippines who I find on upwork.

So believe in your success, believe in your business and find for it a proper formula so you could combine all your life roles – the professional one and the private ones. This is today possible.

Basic thing no 2 – Why do you do this… so your PASSION!

I strongly believe in as I call it „joyful success”. I believe the best formula of success is when we offer products or services that reflect our passions and strengths.
Your passion and interests are important because they add meaning to what you do. When you build your business on your passion you feel a super-power is guiding you through your projects, you feel authentic and true and you give your best to your business.

Competition kills female energy. When you stop competing with others and instead of that you begin to follow your own path in agreement and respect to yourself and your soul everything becomes easy!

Basic thing no 3 – Respect time

I’ve heard once this sentence: „The Universe is never in a hurry but always on time”.
Live this way and so act. Stay focused. Don’t hurry but be on time. Because time is the precious thing we have in our lives. From my business mentor Ali Brown I learnt: „business is not an intellectual exercise but a task to do!”.

So don’t think too long what others will say or what their opinions will be about you. On your passions and interests strive to create an idea of your business – an idea of a product or service which you feel will attract clients, using your strengths design a solid and functional business model that will be in line with your life style. Then utilize new marketing and sales tools and offer it to the world! Act!

If you think you lose focus sometimes, have a look at this post.

If this text about BASIC THINGS FOR FEMALE BUSINESS was interesting for you I am very happy! And I invite you to work with me if you feel my support may be of use to you. Look into my offer or contact me by email on: monika@monikaschwertner.com

And as always at the end I want to assure you that everything is ok with you. You are great and you don’t lack anything. So look at a mirror and smile to yourself :-)

And I’m very interested in hearing your comments to the subject I wrote here on, share them with me below!