We are approaching the so called long May weekend. This year there’s actually going to be another long weekend at the end of the month. So much spare time to get some rest and recharge the batteries!

If only it was so easy…

Nowadays, so many people find it difficult. I also admit that there are such moments in my life, when getting some rest is actually an issue.

Why is that? Well, usually it’s our own head that blocks us! Our restless mind doesn’t allow us to really enjoy the spare time, which – let’s be honest – nobody has that much. We let our thoughts take control of us, or even overpower us, close us in this intellectual doing-mode, the problem-solving-mode.

Thinking constantly and thinking too much blocks our energy, spontaneity and creativity. It makes us feel trapped, tired, stressed and unhappy.

Here are a few ideas that will help you get control over this mess in your head, even on weekday, where you are obviously very busy and you have so much real tasks and things to do, and your mind keeps adding the thoughts to your to-do list.

Split your day into segments

Quick – without any hesitation and thinking about problem solving – prepare a list of things you would like to do this day, and then group them into segments of 1-1,5 hours. It’s very important that you don’t allow yourself to take a break during each segment – no e-mail, no Facebook notification should distract you from doing what you’re doing during the segment. You can actually group Facebook and e-mail into another segment.

Important: concentrate on one thing only, focus fully on this one task.


According to research conducted at University of Wisconsin and Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Science, dreaming during the day can relax you mind, reduce stress and improve creativity. Find a moment to distract yourself from reality for a moment and think of something nice, pleasant – maybe how you’ll be relaxing with your close ones during the long May weekend? Three minutes of such daydreaming will strengthen the part of your brain which is responsible for work-memory – the one you need so much during busy day

Get a power nap

I know that not all of us can actually take a nap at work, but maybe you can? Think about it – research show that a short nap during the day (around 2 p.m. would be the best) works amazing. You regain your energy and power. However, the nap shouldn’t last longer than 25-30 minutes.

Grab some fresh air

Try to go out and get some fresh air every day. Go for a walk, visit a park, a forest – whatever will make you get moving. A simple walk is enough, as long as there is some nature around you. We are not machines or robots, we are a part of the nature, its integral element – so you can’t feel good if you spend the whole day in a closed concrete building.


I strongly recommend some mindfulness meditation. If you’re not familiar with it – visit the Podcasts section where you will find a free 10-minute Mountain Meditation. You only need 10 minutes to calm this inner voice in your head, to regain your energy and feel in power of your life again.

Create your personal journal

Whenever you feel like your mind is spinning out of control and you’re so lost and restless that you don’t know what to begin with, just open your journal and write down whatever your thoughts are in this given moment. Do it automatically, without judging yourself, without trying to control everything. It is Your Personal Journal, nobody will read it. It’s best to write it by hand, not on the computer. Writing down all the messy thoughts that run through your mind will clear your head and make you feel relaxed. And a few days later, when you look down on this page, you may actually make some interesting discoveries.

And the discoveries are what I wish for you – explore yourself and all the great possibilities that are inside you!

And hope you get some rest during the weekend ;)

Wish you all the best,