Magdalena Typel – they call her Typelek – from the name. She has lived in the Maldives for several years – not so luxurious – catalogs, but on a local island.Everyday life that is so different from the one we are used to in Europe.

Read about her beginnings on this paradise island, how she cares about her passions and read about the pieces of adivice she can give to the other women who would like to be happy in life.

The Maldives is probably the dream of most people. You not only got there, but you started running a business there! How did the beginnings of your “heavenly life” look like?

The beginnings were not the easiest. The Maldives is an island country, Asian, Muslim, I had to learn a lot and move to be able to function among the local population. I had to learn stoic calm, the fact that everything is getting slow and that every thing has to get through, get the official power. The fact that no one arrives on time for a meeting, and it is not disrespectful at all, but just as such a culture – a business partner arrives when he accidentally crosses or has a moment to meet you. Not when it was scheduled. I – a woman from Europe, speeding still unknown what for (but not too punctual), I was often stood up.Today, I no longer set the schedule for a specific meeting. How will it be – it will be!

I worried about the fact that 100% of the population is Muslim. These limitations, attitude towards women … fortunately, the Maldivians turned out to be very tolerant people. Very polite, kind, selfless. I feel more respect here than when I was living in Poland. And no one has a problem that woman is running a business, in addition a white Christian woman.

But like in every country in the world – there are no people either bad or just good. I met also a bad one. He talked too much and did not do enough. Maybe he wanted too many things to do at once, but nothing came out. He was the one who offered me a co-operation. At first everything was fine. He hired me, set a salary, duties, found accommodation for me. It was a new room. Not yet finished. The last patches were to be made, bulbs were to be fitted in the place where the cables hang down. It was also supposed to be a new lock, so that the door can easily be closed. However, after a year nothing was done. It began a problem with payment. The scope of duties has widened considerably. But there was no one else to do it, and someone had to. So for good cause – it was of course me. We had other priorities – as I have been employed in the travel industry, for me the most important was the good of our guests. For him: “how much and why so little?” When I was already gaining experience in running a hotel, trust in the local population, I caught up with the industry – I decided to leave. But it was not easy. Detention of passport, problems with visa – fortunately, I recover my passport and once and for all free from this man. From this point on I could start from the beginning.

In the meantime, I met a local man, who is my husband today. With a loyal man at my side, everything is much simpler. Today, we run our guest house together. I am employed on my own, so no one can harm me anymore.

Do you have any passions apart from your work – or maybe this is your passion? How do you take care of those passions?

I love taking pictures, whether it’s landscapes, local people, fish in the ocean, trees, plants, bats. Here I have the perfect conditions for this.

My passion is related to my work. Actually the guests decide to come to me based on my photos. They have a choice between 200 local islands and they choose my own. I know it’s also because of my photos, where I can convey the beauty of this place.

My second passion is diving. And it was in the Maldives that I actually dived for the first time. I love to swim, I love the underwater world. Today I’m addicted to it ;) We also dive with our guests. My husband is a divemaster, and I am his assistant :) I am also licensed (currently AOWD). And here I combine both passions: diving and underwater photography. Another is traveling. I love to organize my trips myself. Just planning is part of the trip. Reading about the place, choosing accommodation, planning which attractions we will visit.

The Maldives is an ideal starting point. There are plenty of interesting Asian countries around, which can be reached in 4 or 5 hours (from Poland it takes 17 hours and more). And in this passage I connect all three: I travel, I dive, where I can and of course I take pictures.

What is your philosophy of success, what does it mean to you?

It may be a bit naive, but I follow my intuition in my life. If I get a suggestion, or even when I decide to go on vacation to a country, I feel “under the skin” whether the subject lies to me or not. If I do not feel that it is THIS – I am not in. Many times I have done something, for what I was not entirely convinced. And of course it ended up with a fiasco. Maybe because I was prejudiced from the beginning – I don’t know. I only know that if my intuition tells me that it will be a success – I’m going! Although all the signs in the sky and the earth say not to do it. And vice versa – when someone is trying hard to get me something – but I do not feel so I do not do it, the end.

What would you advise other women to encourage them on their way to self-development?

They should stubbornly pursue the goal, but with common sense. So that the mind, eyes and ears are wide open.

Do not succumb to adversity as well, But if something goes wrong again, do not cling to it. Think about choosing another way. Modify your purpose a little. Do not listen to the opinions of others, because you fight for your happiness. We live for ourselves and not for others. Do not forget about yourself, be a little selfish.

To be brave – such “but I will certainly not succeed” , has never worked well. Do not be afraid to say: “If not me, then who?”

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