Maria Podobińska – Tuleja after several years of work as a constructor, decided to undertake studies at the School of Interior and Space in Cracow. At first, interior design was only a hobby. The fate, however, wanted differently …

Read about her beginnings, how she cares about her passions and advices, that she can give to the other women which would like to be happy in life.

What did the beginnings of your “simple interior” look like?

I wonder what can be considered as the beginning of the Simple Interior. I think this will be the moment when I decided that I was going to act. It was the end to putting aside dreams for the distant future. I was in Milan at the iSaloni in 2014. I had a request for a subsidy from the EU to set up my own business. When I came back I founded a blog, in the autumn I was able to get funds for the first step and … there was no retreat.The beginnings of the business were not simple. It took a while to wait before the first customers appeared, but when the company started, it was all over.

Do you have any passions apart from your work – or maybe this is your passion? How do you take care of those passions?

Interior design is one of my passions. But not the only one. I think people who have the opportunity to work in a profession that they like are lucky, or they just know how to choose, or… it took them some time, before they found in life what they want to deal with and what they are fulfilled. I love movement. I could spend hours in the fitness room and gym. But day has only 24 hours, and I am still a mother. I really like being with my daughter. Really BE. With full alertness. For a few days we also have a do, which now fills us a lot of attention. I also try to care about my inner world and put myself in personal development. I read books, take part in trainings, workshops in this field. This strengthens me.

What is your philosophy of success, what does it mean to you?

Success for everyone means something else. For some it will be family, for others standing job, yet another will need a lot of money, to be able to say yes, I already have it. For me, success means looking forward and inner peace and the belief that whatever fate will bring me, then I can do it. Not at every moment of life we can have everything. We have a money, but we often face health problems, we could enjoy a happy family, but we’re running out of money. I think it is worth to appreciate what we have here and now. I have a wonderful, smart daughter, a puppy I have to raise and with whom I am happy.Cool job where I am the boss myself. Every day new professional challenges. Health. Friends. The chance that that the other half of life will

I often look at women slightly enslaved. They have money. Not because they earned it. Because they are with their men. Sometimes I wonder if I would like that. It may be a bit unfair that no one is showering me with diamonds, so I chose the road where I have to do everything myself. I do not have a sense of failure, the feeling that I get some substitutes and fillers in return I resigned myself and I can not have my own opinion. I think everyone should live in harmony with his conscience.And even if 90% of the time fills us with home care and other things, it’s worth the 10% to spend just for yourself. We have only one life . By giving up, we are only frustrated. It’s always good to fight for your happiness. And not once, not two times.Such a struggle is a process that has to go on, That is why it is not worth to be disheartened by failures, but just get up after each fall, no matter how many times!

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