My coach who is a woman says that the time now is more favorable for women as ever. She is probably right when we compare the contemporary world with the past. Although my first reaction to these words was that it doesn’t change the fact that the future should rather be even better…

But after a while it came to my mind that my certainty about how women’s future could look like must result from some assumptions which are based on the present situation.. . So what are the assumptions? Are they justified? Why do I believe so strongly in the better situation of women in the future?

I’ve been thinking to answer the question and I have found there is only one reason for me to think this way. These are all the women who I have met in my life, and who are in my opinion demonstrating a huge dedication to this big goal of a better future for women. And I have to make it clear here, the dedication is of many different kinds, not always are they famous activists well known in our society.

My coach says that a secret key to a fulfilling and successful life is a combination of thinking the right way and doing the right things. Thinking the right way means that you influence your thoughts and this way you create in your mind a world which is friendly to you, which helps you and gives you support. But thinking the right way is not enough. People realize themselves in action. So you need to act, you need to create, you need to realize your thoughts by doing the right things. What things are the right things? These which make a difference in your life. You will easily recognize them if you think the right way. That is why the combination is so important.

I wish all of us, women that we believed in our most favorable time now and we utilized it for good of everybody. I want us to think the right way, meaning value ourselves and with the proper self-esteem… And I want us to do the right things, to make a difference in our lives and to influence the lives of others…

All the best for you!