I don’t know how it is in your case but I experience this state very often. Every moment there are some ideas coming in to my mind, every second a new possibility, if I add to this a usual crowd of thoughts related to every-day life, to some past events, to some future potential projects – the result is that I lose the ground under my feet and I begin to have an impression as if my mind would go crazy completely out of my control.

Unfortunately this kind of state doesn’t help realize dreams and big plans because such a inner chaos may paralyze our actions. Well, where to start if your thoughts fight with each other and everything seems to be VERY IMPORTANT AND URGENT.

Recommendation to MAKE NOTES!

I am one of the persons who believe in magic of making notes! A spoken word and a written word – these two different powers. I ALWAYS have a notebook with me and a pen, and putting down my thoughts serves me for several different purposes. In this situation about which we are talking now, I would like to recommend you to note all your thoughts that are making you mad at the moment. Make a list of all the things, worries, plans, topics – whatever is being ‘cooked’ right now in your head – let all this appear on the list!

Recommendation on THREE THINGS…

Byron Katie, a woman who I respect and admire for her work and support to people in overcoming their internal barriers, is an author of a saying that there are only three different types of matters in the world: matters that belong to God, other people’s matters and matters that belong to you.

Look at your notes now. Which of the things are your matters? Leave only them on the list. The others you may cross out and remove from the list. And what does it mean „matters that belong to God, other people’s matters”? It’s everything you have no influence on. So leave the God’s matters to God, and other people’s matters to the other people. Deal with this what you have influence on.

For example I often worry, after I create a post like you are reading now, whether there will be people who will „like it” on facebook, this way giving me feedback that my work is useful for someone.

But in fact my worrying doesn’t make any sense, this is not MY MATTER, I don’t have any influence here. I cannot influence the mood sof my readers. I can try hard to write a good post, to include my experience in it in order to make it interesting and valuable to my readers. This MY MATTER. And it makes sense to take of it. But I may cross out from my list and remove from my head the worrying about „likes’ from my readers.

Recommendation not TO DEMAND FROM YOURSELF!

I once heard that Krzysztof Kieslowski’s father gave him this advice for life: „ Remember, you don’t have to anything”. Read this now aloud. Let this sentence immerse into your heart, your mind, into your DNA.
And now have a look at your Notes and cross out all these items there which appeared on the list because you think you have to do them or you should. In the book by Arianna Huffington „Thrive” I read about a new way of closing a project which is… to resign from the project!

I’m sure that on your list of life goals there also a few which you have not manager to realize for a long time. Maybe instead of punishing herself and feeling guilty because of that, you could like Arianna Huffington say to yourself „crossed-out, removed” –e.g. I accept I will never learn French. If you really want to still keep some of them, ok this is your decision but remember the time is not limitless, choose then only those which are truly important for you.

If you feel you have a problem with setting boundaries, look at my post here.
Managing time is in fact a skill of managing oneself!

Uff! What a relief! What do your Notes look like now? Are they clearer now? Super! This is what you wanted! Now your head is lighter!

I wouldn’t be myself if at the end I didn’t want to assure you that everything is ok. You are great and you don’t lack anything. So look at a mirror and smile to yourself :-)…

And I’m very interested in hearing your comments to the subject I wrote here on, share them with me below!