Your Life | Your Small Business – pdf


czyli jak pogodzić życie prywatne z zawodowym



There is a lot of solutions in business, a lot of procedures, rules, which show us the right paths. You will be surprised by how much you can derive from that and use in your personal life. Just reflect for a while – what is the most important thing when have our own business, what do we need in order to develop it and make it profitable?

In my opinion this most important thing for the business to be good is so called ENTREPRENEURIAL SPIRIT. Generally speaking, if there is no entrepreneurial spirit in a company (so when employees are not FEELING LIKE DOING SOMETHING), this business is not marching. If we put this approach into our personal life, we will see that if in the business the entrepreneurial spirit is needed, in our personal life, our families, marriages we need ENERGY.

In this case we should work out our own methods of caring about our energy. So we feel like doing something. And about that and other important things for your motivation, inner harmony and success in both of the life areas – private one and professional one – you will read in this material.


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