Agata Krzyżanowska – Master of Arts, an illustrator of children’s books. She works both with publishing houses and individual clients. Illustrating has been her passion ever since. She’s worked very hard on her success. She doesn’t like the word „career”, she claims she’s still on her way to self-development.

See what her beginnings looked like, how she takes care of her passions and what advice she can give to other women who dream of fulfillment.

How did your career beginnings look like, when you decided to become an illustrator and work with publishing houses and individual clients?

The place I’m at right now, I wouldn’t call it a career. I am far from using this world, it just doesn’t fit me. Where I’m at, I’d more likely call a road, because I keep growing and aiming for new goals… The beginnings weren’t easy but I’m sure that having to work hard made me who I am today. I didn’t have a portfolio which is actually necessary to start a cooperation with somebody in this field. I just took up work, not wasting any time. As I truly love painting and illustrating, I didn’t have any bigger issues. I knew that if I don’t create a path for myself, nobody else will do it for me – it was all depending on me. When my first pieces were finished it was time to present them to the publishing houses, individual clients and that’s how it all started.

AKrzyzanowska MSchwertner ilustracje

Do you have any passions apart from your work – or maybe this is your passion? How do you take care of those passions?

Since I remember, I’ve always liked to create. It was no coincided that I landed at The Higher School of Art and Design in Lodz, studying Industrial Design at the Design Department. The studies allowed me to develop my skills and explore new passions.
Painting has been my hobby since I was a little girl. Yes – it’s a passion that turned out to be my daily job. Before illustrating, I used to design jewellery, just right after finishing studies. In 2008 I passed my final exam in the field of Jewellery Design at the Higher School of Art and Design. It marked a beginning of my adventure with designing and making jewellery collections on my own. I took part in all the events, cooperated with jewellery studios all across the country and abroad, I took individual orders. I had my workshop at the attic, with a gigantic jewellery table and all the tools… I created the projects from the beginning to the very end. I welded, I polished, I did everything. Then I simply took up illustrating and so the jewellery had to step back. I still have my tools and my beloved table. Who knows, maybe I’ll once go back to jewellery making? For now, illustrating gives me a feeling of fulfillment and an enormous joy of creating.

AKrzyzanowska MSchwertner ilustracje

AKrzyzanowska MSchwertner ilustracje

What is your philosophy of success, what does it mean to you?

The word „success” might mean a different thing to each of us. When it comes to illustrating, my first, small success was illustrating the very first book. I remember how happy I was, holding this book in my hands – the book I got to illustrate. Another success was getting to illustrate more books that came later on and starting to cooperate with individual clients as well. In the meantime I created a Facebook page via which I get lots of nice messages from my clients and people who received my illustrations as a gift… Those small successes give me wings every single time. They motivate me. I wake up every day with a smile on my face because I really love what I do! Well, if it’s a rainy and cloudy day, then my smile is a bit smaller… ;)

AKrzyzanowska MSchwertner ilustracje

What would you advise other women to encourage them on their way to self-development?

We can create something great, as long as it comes from within us. It is worth to look into yourself, listen to your inner voice. And I recommend – do not hesitate to work for your dreams to come true. Step by step, patiently realise your ideas.
If it doesn’t work out the first time, don’t let it get to you. Not always things work out the way we want them to. It’s important to try again, to take the steps. Because you only live once and it’s all in your hands!

AKrzyzanowska MSchwertner ilustracje

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