Summer, like no other season, is conducive to spending time outdoors. We’d rather go out for walks, sit outside.

And if so combine the pleasant with the useful and also replace the car to bike?

Look how much good it entails putting this activity into our everyday life;)

You Save!


Having a bike is much more cheaper than keeping a car. Fuel is the power of our muscles. Not enough that you do not have to pay anything yet you are still gaining! Improve your condition, slim body, and with a proper diet – also losing unnecessary kilograms.


A vehicle called a bicycle occupies about 10 times less space than a car. You can keep it on the balcony or in the basement. You also have no problems with the lack of parking spaces. Bike stands you can find almost at every store.


When riding a bike you are not in traffic jams!

You gain!


Cycling improving our body’s efficiency.


Like every movement – positively affects the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. The risk of atherosclerosis, infarcts and strokes is reduced. In addition – you oxygenate the brain and the oxygenated and rested brain works faster and more efficiently.

… fresh air

By riding a bike you will contribute to improving the environment because your vehicle does not emit fumes harmful to our planet :)

Since we have convinced you to bike, check the ranking of the most beautiful cycling routes in Poland by the website

We especially recommend the Dunajec River Gorge – it is beautiful! ;)