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You probably think that stress, worry and frustration are inseparable components of contemporary life, therefore it’s impossible to avoid them.

But the truth is that all negative emotions come from your head – you create them through your thoughts. Your mind constantly compares what is happening in your life with what he thinks should be happening and gives critical judgments.

That’s why you often think “something is wrong, my life is not good enough, something doesn’t work” and then you make yourself believe that you have to do more, do it better and quicker. These thoughts are the root of stress, frustration, anxiety and eventually discouragement and quitting.

Learn techniques to soothe your mind and stop believing your stressful thoughts – use our audio-training, read an e-book and listen to our meditations. Strengthen your health, energy levels and concentration!

Mindfulness Practice for the Busy and Stressed is an online course which consists of the following elements:

1. E-book, from which you will find out what mindfulness and meditation are. You will learn the history of mindfulness and you will get to know the recent results of scientific research confirming the benefits of practicing mindfulness. You will also find there some tips on how to implement the practice of mindfulness into your everyday life so that you feel healthier and happier.
2. Audio „The Beginning” meditation – a guided, 5-minutes meditation which will help you begin a formal meditation practice /sitting meditation/.
3. Audio “The Breathing Space” meditation – an 8-minutes long guided meditation especially useful when you feel agitated and unable to calm your thoughts and emotions /sitting, moving or standing meditation/.
4. Audio “The Mountain” meditation – a 13-minutes long guided meditation recommended for those who would like to feel their inner strength and dignity /sitting meditation/.
5. Audio “Body Scan” – a 20-minutes long guided meditation which will allow you to develop your mind-body relationship /lying down meditation/.
6. Audio “Loving Kindness” meditation – a 10-minutes long guided meditation which will strengthen feelings of kindness and connection towards yourself, the others and the whole world /sitting meditation/.

How to get the most out of this course?
– put on some comfortable clothes, prepare a simple chair and listen to „The Beginning” meditation
– now read the e-book to organize your knowledge about mindfulness and meditation practice
– then you can listen to the remaining recordings in any order you wish. The above descriptions will give you better understanding in what situation each meditation may be the most useful.

All the best!


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