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Woman in Leadership is a Creative Leadership course available online, in an interactive form, as a development support for women who would like to take the lead in their lives, careers and businesses.

Woman in Leadership is for you if:

  • You can hear an inner voice telling you that you can do more, but you don’t have a clue where to begin…
  • You would like to have a positive impact on reality, but something is stopping you from taking this first step towards the change.
  • You feel that with a little support from people with a similar mindset, with whom you have built a relationship based on trust, you could spread your wings.
  • You sense that in a place you are aiming for, you will feel amazing!!! – complete, fulfilled and feminine …
  • And once you get there, you will start to share your precious self with the world!

Woman in Leadership program consists of 6 modules:

The first module, Idea, is your concept of yourself, that is your passion, your dreams, your inner wisdom, your skills, talents, resources and how it all translates into your professional life. This module will also look at the “packaging” that this valuable content would require.

Manifesto is a module through which you will be reborn, thanks to working on your inner barriers, your inner critic, perhaps your fear of failure, and maybe even your fear of success. As a result of this inner work, acceptance of the current situation and unconditional self-acceptance will take place – so that you can understand that the ideas that you have developed in the first module are not just the dreams but happiness that you consciously and carefully build for yourself because you deserve it and because you are worth it :-).

The third module, Action, includes some specific tasks to be performed by you within the external reality, such as setting your goals and building an action plan. Here we will deal with the subject of packaging – the way you communicate with people, the language you use when talking about yourself, your company, your work – which is how you build your personal brand, an absolute necessity in order to achieve success in your professional life.

In the Energy module you will be working on your breath, relationship with your own body, harmony and balance, because, as a woman, you need them to feel fulfilled. You will learn some relaxation and concentration techniques, you will practice being here and now – something that instantly makes us, women, feel happy.

During the Leader module, we will talk about the leadership, so that once you complete the program, you can feel that you lead your own life. This module is about authenticity, trust and vulnerability. You may think that your vulnerability is something that you should hide. Meanwhile, true leaders are courageous enough to admit their vulnerability.

And finally, there is the My personal brand module…

Once you complete the program:

♦ You will get better at dealing with external and internal criticism, and thus you will gain more confidence in all your endeavors.
♦ You will stop belittling yourself when dealing with people, which means that you will have a much greater impact on people when you communicating with them.
♦ You will stop feeling too young, too old, generally not ready to do what you want, and as a result you will start making bold decisions for your business, career and life!
♦ You will understand how marketing works, how important it is and how much you like it! You will learn how to use marketing tools to build a brand – not only in your business and career, but also your personal brand, true to your own values.
♦ You will learn about business modeling tools and by using them, you will precisely define the idea for your own company, its development, or you will define your idea for a fulfilled career!
♦ You will trust your inner wisdom and, thanks to it, you will build a clear strategy for yourself, including specific goals, plans, activities and deadlines.
♦ And … you will start implementing them!

Within 3 months you will be receiving video and audio materials, and printable files for your individual work, you will be taking part in teleconferences, and at the same time you will be working on self-development in your real life – in the workplace, at home, within your family, so that your work in this course brings tangible results and the changes that you expect!

If you feel that Woman in Leadership is a program that you need in order to implement changes that you have been dreaming about, send us and email entitled “Woman in Leadership” to: admin@monikaschwertner.pl. You will shortly receive a response including details of the program, along with the answers to any questions you may have asked. Do not hesitate – we have planned special bonuses for the first registered participants, so take advantage of them!

All the best!


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