Ania Królikowska from Ania organizuje has been organising events for small creative businesses for seven years. Conferences, courses, trainings, meetings, open days – Ania knows it all. She also runs Bajla where she organises self-defence courses and other activities for health and self-development. What would she advise to other women who want to be as successful? Find out in our interview!

Can you tell me something about the beginning of your career when you decided to open your own business and start organising events for other businesses?

I started Ania organizuje not long ago, in January 2016. At the very beginning, I received some interesting orders, for instance to coordinate the meeting of Pani Swojego Czasu club in several cities.

I did not start with from the scratch. I’ve been running another creative business, Bajla, for over 4 years now. In Bajla I organise self-defence courses for women, voice emission trainings and other courses regarding health and self-development.

Before that, I also had contact with event organisation – in an association which I created with my friends, in two dance schools I worked for, and during internships I did at PAKA Association, at Rotunda in Cracow, at Studio club and during students’ festivals.

When I started Ania organizuje, I had already known many people from the feminine businesses environment in Cracow and not only there. Thanks to Bajla and my cooperation with Latająca Szkoła dla Kobiet, I could prove my organising skills – e.g. during the Latająca Szkoła dla Kobiet’s meeting.

Ania organizuje

Fot. Basia Bogacka

Do you have any hobbies and passions? Maybe your job is one of them? What do you do to develop your passions?

Organising interesting events is definitely my passion. Whenever I search for a perfect spot for a conference or a meeting, I feel like a detective. I am completely engaged in it. Although I love doing it, sometimes I need a break. Luckily, I leave in a green neighbourhood by the Vistula river, so whenever I feel like I need to leave work for a moment, I go biking or go for a walk. I also love experiencing new flavours, dancing and meeting my friends. To be more active, I take part in Bajla’s self-defence courses. I like to travel from time to time – sometimes I go somewhere close and sometimes I visit the Balkans.

Ania organizuje

Fot. Basia Bogacka

What is your philosophy of success?

I’ve actually just realised that my biggest success is being able to work with people I adore. I’m completely surrounded with great people who inspire me, who I like and value a lot. At Bajla I work with trainers and instructors who I can fully trust and I’d like to see them as often as possible. The customers at Bajla are also fantastic people. At Ania organizuje I coordinate events for incredible and inspiring women. Apart from that, I also have my support group – Cyfrowe Pomadki. We are all friends and we enjoy spending time together.

It is a luxury I would say!

What would you advice to women so as to help them stay true to themselves and achieve self-development?

Be afraid and go on. Do it. Try it. Be open to changes. Surround yourself with inspiring people. Search for people who you want to work with so that you have your support and you are a support to them. Enjoy your work!

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