I have recently read that we women are now at this stage of awareness when know how we can achieve success but we also know how much it will cost us. Shortly speaking, we realized that catching up on men’s position in the world equals that we will need to resign from other things like first of all just simple feeling of happiness.

In practice it would mean necessity to choose between career and a happy relationship and/or motherhood.
So we would be in a classic clinch – either-or situation. We could be either happy and fulfilled in our jobs or at our families.

But we want to HAVE IT ALL!

When I think about you who is reading this post I imagine you are a woman who wants to be fulfilled in her professional life, you want feel passionate about what you do for a living and if you have not managed yet to organize this part of your life in such a way you are trying to figure this out how to do this in a near future.

But at the same time you want to be a wonderful mother because you want your child to be happy and you fear that if you don’t spend enough time with your child it may impact your child’s adult life.

Apart from this you just want to feel a woman – who is attractive for her partner, who feels she is wanted and the relationship has a SPARK!

You simply want your life to be sexy!

Now watch this video and then come back to this text.

„Sway with me!” – this one dance and the whole life! This is what you want in your heart! To dance through life! With the spark, with energy, with true emotions, in a harmony but with a bit of madness without which there’s no joy!

And good! Don’t believe you cannot have it all. Of course you can! You should only do it wise!

So first „mind your business”!

Your life belongs to you. It doesn’t belong to your husband, to your friend, to your boss, your step-mother, it doesn’t even belong to your child – more about that later in the text… Only you decide about that whether you are happy and fulfilled. Every day you take this kind of decisions, nobody takes them instead of you. If you think it is different you lie to yourself. You make other people be responsible for your life.

The truth is this responsibility is only yours. And only this counts what you need to feel realized and fulfilled.
So don’t participate in the race around you to chase external attributes of a success. Build inner awareness in yourself what success means to you. Contact your intuition, your inner mentor whenever you are about to choose between your private and professional lives.

It doesn’t mean you always in a critical situation have to choose family. If you do so maybe this is more because of your feeling of guilt? So it is rather quite egoistic. If your baby is safe, properly looked after by someone who you may fully trust, maybe this is ok for this moment? When you come back you will be fully for your child again. Only for your child! – you, a happy, fulfilled mother, a happy and realized woman who shows her child how to live true and full life!

The same relates to your professional life. If you constantly stay at work long hours, you often work during weekends, you spend evenings at business dinners too much – ask yourself for whom you are doing this? Is this really what excites you? Or maybe you live this way because you are realizing someone else’s scenario? Is this your true scenario for life? You have achieved so much, do you really need more?

Maybe it’s time to close a project by resigning from it? Maybe it is time to say to yourself: I don’t need this. I know I’m a good, professional and valuable person even without this.

It is not true you cannot have it all. You can. But a bit. A bit from it all. Don’t be hatred, don’t desire too much, don’t chase for the goal which is further and further as long as you are getting closer and closer, don’t desire more and more.

You don’t need it. Everything is ok, you don’t need to prove anything, you don’t need to show anything. You are good where you are. You are breathing the big blue from above of your head, you are touching the ground under your feet. Everything is perfect, you are a realized, fulfilled and happy woman. Your life is sexy!

And I’m very interested in hearing your comments to the subject I wrote here on, share them with me below!